The Widow Of Zarephath

Down through the years we have received many wonderful reports and outstanding, miraculous testimonies. We rejoice with each and every one that has experienced thier victory, knowing that '.. these signs shall follow them that believe. '

Few, however have been quite as dramatic and exemplary as the testimony we received about a little widow sister in Bombay, India

Here is a testimony that perfectly vindicates the Biblical ministry of Elijah. How right it is that this same sign should follow the return of Elijah's ministry in this day!

This testimony from our Sister Shalini has been substantiated and verified by Pastor Steven Shinde and his entire congregation in Bombay. Ministers from Europe and North America have also visited this dear sister and her family, further confirming this miracle.

Printed here is this incredible, faith inspiring testimony as recorded by Brother Steven Shinde.

'One afternoon some of our brethren were praying and singing under a tree in a field on the outskirts of the city when Sister Shalini happened to pass by. She heard the singing and stopped. Then one Bro. Ronny spoke to her about the Lord and she was very much touched. Since then she started attending the fellowship and was baptized according to Acts 2:38. After one month she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and started growing in the Lord, though she cannot read or write.

Later on, her husband died and she was left with her four children, not having a good job except washing clothes and dishes here and there. She being the poorest person in the church, but the richest believer in the congregation.

As she did not have a proper house, the church provided her with a rented house (10ft. X 10ft.) and helped her with a contribution. With that money she purchased food grains, pulses and all that was needed for daily use. Because of her tremendous faith in the Word and in the prophet's Message, something was happening in her house which she did not realize!

One Sunday, when I was preaching about the old testament Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, her eyes started blink- ing and her heart started bubbling and she said in her heart 'Is this not the same thing that is happening in my house?'

She had never heard the story of Elijah and the widow in her life, but here she heard the end time message and about our 'Elijah', Bro. Branham, and his commission, and she believed.

She was very much excited when she realized that this must be the same thing. After the meeting was over she told these things to some of the brethren and they visited her house with great excitement and found all the containers full. All the food articles like meal, oil, rice, spices and so forth wasted not, even after using them daily.

Then the following Sunday she testified about this incident in the church. After the service about 25 - 30 believers visited her house and she prepared dinner for all. When she prepared bread (chapattis) the container was half empty. Then we had fellowship

there in that small room where all the containers were kept. After the prayer and fellowship the container which was half empty became full again in so much that the lid of the container tilted automatically.

' After that many believers and also Pentecostals visited her house and saw this miracle personally. This has been continuing since February, 1990, until today. She and her four children are eating from the same containers until now. "..and the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail according to the word of the Lord.. ' I Kings 17:16

We believe that this is nothing but the '3rd Pull of which Elijah of our day has spoken of. If this message brought life in the food grains then how much more this message of the hour will bring life ETERNAL in the Bride, which shall never cease. May this true testimony bring encouragement to all the believers of this Message


As a footnote to this inspiring testimony, we spoke by telephone with our brother, Dr. S.C. Jacob who just returned from Bombay on November 6th. He reported that he had been to Sister Shalini's house for dinner just a few days prior.

As she prepared the chapattis, rice and curried mutton, with supplies from the containers in her house, he witnessed that each of the containers was reduced substantially. When dinner was finished about an hour later, Bro. Jacob went back to investigate, only to discover that each of the containers had been supernaturally refilled, just as they had before! Praise the Lord!