The Wailing Wall

Leon Gork Jerusalem Israel ( 5 Jan 1998)

For 2000 years Jews have overcome all obstacles to visit the Wailing Wall. I had dreamed of coming here since I was very young and finally managed it in 1959.

Our tour guide pointed out the place of "Wall" from the rooftop of David's tomb on Mt. Zion and I thought I could see it. We couldn't go there because it was in the Jordanian part of Jerusalem and Jews weren't permitted. I didn't realize the pent up feelings I had for the "Wall" or the Jewish People until I finally visited the "Wall" in 1967, just after the 6 days war, I stood at the "Wall" and wept bitterly and uncontrollably because suddenly I realized the loss we suffered 2000 years ago wasn't just a building called the "Temple". It was much more than that:

It was as if I was standing up to my knees in the blood of my people just slaughtered by Titus' Roman soldiers. I felt as if I and all the Jewish people had just become homeless orphans wandering through a world seeking love and mercy from the nations for 2000 years.

For 2000 years the nations of the world have had the opportunity to fulfill the words of the Bible: "And you shall do no wrong to a stranger or oppress him..... " " And you shall not afflict any widow or orphan. " Ex. 22. 2000 years of wandering in vain. Cruelty still abides in the world, the principles of love and mercy, denied to the Jews for 2000 years are still not applied and people and nations are still cruel to each other. This is why we "Wail" at the "Wailing Wall".