I was almost a devout atheist. I didn't believe that God was any more than a conglomeration of everyone's mind put together, and as for the good that was there, that was God as far as I was concerned. As for the real, all powerful God's existing and loving us all, having power, over everything, I didn't believe that.

Then one day I had an experience that really set me thinking. I was in a large pathological laboratory,and we were attempting to find the wavelength of the brain. We found more than the wavelength of the brain; we found a channel of wavelengths. That channel has so much room in it that the different wavelength of each individual's brain further separates him in identity from anyone else than do the fingerprints on his hand. This is a point we should remember: God can actually keep a record in heaven-a record of our thoughts as individuals-just as the FBI can keep a record of our fingerprints in Washington, D.C.

We wanted to make an experiment to discover what took place in the brain at the moment of transition from life to death. We chose a lady whose family had sent her to a mental institution, but who had been discharged. The doctor could find nothing wrong with her other than that she had cancer of the brain. This affected only the balance of her body. As far as the alertness of her mind was concerned, and in every other way, she was exceptionally brilliant. But we knew she was on the verge of death, and she was informed in the research hospital that she was going to die.

We arranged a tiny pickup on her head to ascertain what took place in the transition of her brain from life to death. We also put a very small microphone, about the size of a quarter, in her room so that we could hear what she said if she had anything to say. Five of us hardened scientists, and perhaps I was the hardest and most atheistic of the group, were in an adjoining room with our instruments prepared to register and record what transpired. Our device had a needle pointing to zero

in the center of the scale. To the right the scale was calibrated to 500 points positive. To the left the scale was calibrated to 500 points negative. We had previously registered on this identical instrument the power used by a fifty kilowatt broadcast station in sending a message around the world. The needle registered nine points on the positive side.

As the last moments of the woman's life arrived, she began to pray and to praise the Lord. She asked the Lord God to be merciful unto those who had so despitefully used her. Then she reaffirmed her faith in God, telling Him she knew He was the only power and that He was a living power. She told God He always had been and always would be. She told Him how much she loved Him.

We scientists had been so engrossed with this woman's prayer that we had forgotten our experiment. We looked at each other and saw tears streaming down scientists' faces. I had not shed tears since I was a child. Suddenly we heard a clicking sound on our forgotten instrument. We looked, and the needle was registering a positive 500, desperately trying to go higher, only to bounce against the positive 500 post in its attempt.

By actual instrumentation we had recorded that the brain of a woman alone and dying in communication with God had registered more than fifty-five times the power used by a fifty kilowatt broadcast station in sending a message around the world.

After this, we decided to try a case very unlike the first one. We chose a man lying in the research hospital, stricken with a deadly social disease. His brain had become atrophied to the very point of death. He was practically a maniac. After we had set up our instruments, we arranged for one of the nurses to antagonize the man. Through her wiles she attracted his interest in her and then suddenly told him she didn't want to have anything more to do with him. He began to verbally abuse her, and the needle began to register on the negative side. Then he cursed her and took the name of God in vain. The needle began to click back and forth against the 500 negative post.

By actual experimentation we had registered what happened in the brain when the brain broke one of God's Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." We had established by experimentation the positive power of God and the negative power of the adversary. We had found that beneficial truth is positive and that nonbeneficial things covered by the "Thou shalt nots" of the Ten Commandments are negative in varying degrees.

If we scientists can record these things, I believe with all my heart that the Lord God can keep a record of our thoughts. He has more power than we have and is a better record-keeper than any of us on this earth.

As a scientist, I don't believe that the halo painted around Jesus' head is merely an artist's conception. I believe with all my heart that it is emanating power. It is magnetic and electromotive power that was actually with Him, because in all ways He was with God in His truth.

This power is promised to believers. We are promised that if we think His thoughts and keep His commandments, the faithful will be caught up to meet Jesus when He returns.

God has given us many great and wonderful things. The greatest and most wonderful of these is His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who gave His life and blood that we might be cleansed from our sins and healed of our diseases, and that we might have everlasting life. Just before Jesus ascended to heaven He said, "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" (Acts 1:8). Previously, He had commanded His followers to tarry until they be endued with power, and He had promised to pray the Father, who would send another Comforter, the Holy Ghost, even the Spirit of Truth.

It is this presence of God in us that gives us power, the extent of which we have no conception.

By Dr. N. Jerome Stowell