"One morning I watched a couple of cowpunchers going out to bring in a wild steer from his range in the mountains", said a man writing in a magazine.

"They took along one of those shaggy little gray donkeys - a burro.

"Now a big 3-year-old steer that's been running loose in the timber is a tough customer to handle. But those cowboys knew. They got a rope on the steer and then tied him neck and neck, right up close to the burro.

"When they let go, that burro had a bad time. The steer threw him all over the place. He banged him against trees, rocks and bushes.

"But there was a great difference between the burro and the steer.

"The burro had an aim. He wanted to go home.

"And no matter how often the steer threw him, every time the burro got to his feet, he took a step nearer the corral. This went on and on. After about a week the burro showed up at ranch headquarters. He had with him the tamest and sorriest looking steer you ever saw."

That burro, though less in size and weight, put all he had in one direction: HOME. He persevered; the battle was hard, but he never quit; he kept at it, and each day came nearer home.

Perseverance means: "To persist . . . in spite of counter influence, opposition, or discouragement; to pursue steadily the course or project begun."

There are plenty of things to discourage us on our pilgrimage HOME to heaven if we let them. It's not an easy road we're traveling, but it can be a good one ending in victory if we persevere. We have set out- sights on HEAVEN for all eternity, and though the battle may be rough, each day brings us nearer Home. We may be yoked with "steers" as it were, giving us many bangs against rocks and trees, toss us into prickley bushes and whatnot, but if we persevere in His strength and grace, with our faith in Him, we'll arrive safely HOME.

In the Bible, Ruth "was stedfastly minded to go" with Naomi. She persisted.

"Joash was minded to repair the house of the Lord" (2 Chron. 24:4) so carried out his project begun in spite of difficulties.

The people, priests and Levites "minded of their own freewill" to go with Ezra.

Nothing put the Apostle Paul from his course begun. He finished it.

Barnabas told the believers at Antioch that "with purpose of heart they should cleave unto the Lord." (Acts 11)

Daniel purposed not to eat or drink wrongly, when he was taken captive.

His 3 Hebrew friends wouldn't yield to the pressure to worship other gods.

Jacob wrestled with the angel until he was blessed. He persisted. Eph. 6:16-18.

As believers in God, we have an aim. We want to go home to Heaven, when we've gone the last mile of the way here.

The devil is pictured like a steer sometimes, with cloven hooves, horns and a tail.

Well, that old adversary of the soul is sneaky and deceptive. He may toss us around against rocks, trees and into bushes, but he uses the quiet "angel of light" tactics TOO, so we have to be on guard. And this we know, he will beset God's people day and night if he had his will, and fight them right up to the gates of Heaven.

Our victory over him, or defeat by him, depends upon us, our spiritual condition and our perseverance. Jesus said, that we could have an experience like rivers of living water. We can have power and strength to hold on, stay firm, stand steady, and to push on to ultimate victory. (I Cor. 15-57-58).

Author Unknown